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2012 Beekman Cup
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Referee Info (Travel, LDT, and Inhouse)


1. Assignor emails the refs on Sunday for next Sat (LDT/IH) and Sun (Travel) games

2. Refs to confirm by Monday to ref assignor

3. Ref Assignor to confirm with travel/LDT coaches , IH director and age group coordinators by

4. Refs to contact coaches by Thursday

5. Coaches to communicate any game changes to Refs & Assignor by Fri 10 AM

6. Refs to arrive 15 mins before the games unless there are back to back games

7. Refs are to be paid on the field after competing the games via their age group coordinators, based on schedule of games.

IH Game Cancellation Policy

1. All games are cancelled if the Fields are closed – web-site, hotline (845-223-2840) updated, informed.

2. If fields are open but the weather is bad, IH Director makes the call if IH games are cancelled or not. If the games are cancelled, IH director informs the Age group directors who will communicate
with the coaches & assigned refs. Hotline updated

3. Games canceled on the field by the ref (lightning, dangerous field conditions, forfeit, unruly
behavior) are paid

4. Games canceled due to rain or snow require 2 hours prior notice - if less, referee is paid

5. Games canceled for other administrative reasons require 48 hours prior notice or the referee
should be paid.

6. Assigned refs and ARs need to inform the host coach of their assignments through coach's
preferred & documented method of communication, i.e. emails or phone-calls, at least 3 days
before the game . If a referee has not notified the home coach of his/her assignment prior to the
cancelled game, no payment will be made to that referee.

Travel and Limited Distance Travel

No official games without proper paperwork - however, the refs will be paid and a forfeit will be awarded against the team without proper paperwork. If the coaches decide to do a friendly scrimmage or reschedule, it is up to them but does not change the policy of "no paperwork no game".

Referee Information Package