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The Intertown program is designed to give the older, recreational player an opportunity to continue to play soccer. With the cooperation of surrounding towns, players get the chance to play teams outside of the Beekman program, without the competition and costs of playing on a travel team. The towns of East Fishkill, LaGrange, Wappingers and Poughkeepsie participate in the league, but individual age groups may not have each town represented, and some towns have more than 1 team in an age group. Travel is limited to these towns, and games are usually held on Saturdays.

Practice times vary according to each team. Play is 11 vs. 11 on the large fields, and home games and practices are generally held at Beekman Elementary School, Doherty Field, or Tymor Park, depending upon field availability and conditions.

The In-House program is the basis of the Beekman Youth Soccer Club. The objective of the program most closely resembles the objective of the club, which is to provide a fun and rewarding soccer environment and experience for as many Beekman players as we can so that they want to play the game and be involved with soccer for a long time.

Make sure you've read the Fall 2005 information sheet to make the most of your child's soccer experience this season.

All it takes to play in-house soccer in the club is to fill out a form and pay a registration fee. However, as a member of the club (which also entitles the player to benefits of the East Hudson Youth Soccer League, the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association, and the US Youth Soccer Association) there are fundamental requirements for the player to play. Coaches, referees, directors will not let you play unless these basic (safety) requirements are met. They are:

See below for more information about the proper attire for players.

In-house games, especially U7 and below are less formal. For any age though, if you want to know the precise rules of the game, they are the same as that published by FIFA, with modifications typically for field size, the ball, duration of the game, number of players, and how substitutions are made. See more details below.

Under 5 (U5)

Under 6 (U6)

Under 7 (U7)

Under 8 (U8)

Under 9/10 (U9/U10)

Practices are typically once per week at the coach's discretion. Games are on Saturdays.

Game Cancellation: Regarding the weather and the cancellation of games, there are some fundamental considerations:

Lightning, thunder and certain field conditions will result in the club president cancelling all Saturday in-house games and leaving a message on the club hotline (223-2840) early Saturday morning that everyone can call. But in addition, in-house soccer should be fun and a positive experience, which is interpreted differently by age and team. 4-year olds have a different tolerance for being cold and wet than 9-year olds (and, let's admit it, parents watching need a certain level of comfort too!) Therefore, in the case of heavy rain and/or severe temperature, it's up to the two coaches scheduled to play an in-house game to determine whether they want to play or not, and communicate directly between themselves and their teams on a Saturday whether or not they want to play in heavy rain, or snow, or severe cold.

The Beekman Youth Soccer Club In-house games follow the same rules of soccer followed by everyone else in the world, which are those of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) in Switzerland, and authorized by the International Football Association Board. The rules of soccer are actually called Laws, and there are 17 of them. Now you say, "but wait, my U8 team only plays 10 minute quarters but Law 7- the Duration of the Match, states that a 'match lasts two equal periods of 45 minutes', so how can we be following FIFA rules?". The FIFA rules, under Notes, states that the 'Laws may be modified . . . for players under 16 years of age". This is why you'll see rules for a division, or a particular game, or a tournament, almost always starting with the phrase 'FIFA rules with the following modifications . . .'

Proper Soccer Attire

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